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BTB Lo Doc Loans


A fully featured home loan for self-employed borrowers who may not be able to provide current financials to substantiate their income declaration.

Product Specifications


Loan Type Borrower

Loan Amount $50,000 - $1,500,000

Maximum LVR 80%

LMI Premium / Risk Fee Payable

Risk Fee Capitalisation

Fixed Interest Option

Eligibility - Self-Employed

Loan Purpose - Purchase, Refinance, Debt Consolidation and Cash Out

Loan Term 15 - 30 years

Risk Fee LMI Capitalisation

Interest Only Option 1-5 years

Line of Credit Option

Repayment Options - Principal & Interest and Interest Only

Repayment Frequency - Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly

Property Requirements - Registered first mortgage over Torrens, Strata or old system title

Income Requirements - Accountant letter; or 6 months BAS; or 3 months Business bank statements

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