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Private and Retail Development Funding

Think Beyond The Banks Money.

We have direct access to some of Australia's premier development funding options.

One of our Property Funds Management options was established in 2012 and is a leading Australian real estate debt fund manager with over $700m in funds under management.

As a private, non-bank lender, we specialises in the provision of sub $20m real estate backed senior and mezzanine debt to the Australian property development sector.

We offer you a senior lending management team and we have direct access to mortgage funds.


Align with us today and let our private lenders and property fund managers help you.

If you are seeking to access a development loan for a real estate project in Australia, our mandate is summarised below. We are happy to work with brokers or originators and will pay referral fees on a case by case basis.


To provide debt funding for property investments (including residual stock), property developments (including construction finance), property redevelopments, property refurbishments or any other property project in Australia.

Investment Instrument

Senior, subordinated and mezzanine loans and preferred equity.


Our development finance options are available in Australia, for capital city projects only.

Investment Size

Between $1 million and $20 million for senior loans, and between $1 million and $5 million for mezzanine loans.

Targeted Covenants

Total LVR cannot exceed 75% (land only)
Minimum of 15% of total project costs must be funded by equity
For construction finance, adequate level of pre-sales and identified exit strategy must be in place.


Registered first ranking or second ranking mortgage, collateral security, General Security Agreement (GSA) and or personal guarantees.

Investment Term

6 months to 3 years

What Is The Process ?

Step 1 - Fill in some simple details via our development funding application page

Step 2 - Complete the loan processing payment (We charge a small fee to process your funding application. We believe this is fair given the effort required by our staff to formally lodge your application).


Step 3 - Provide the supporting documents required by the mortgage fund

Step 4 - We formally lodge your development funding application along with our recommendation for approval

Step 5 - Conditional and formal approval. Valuation and other conditions may need to be met.

Step 6 - Loan contracts issued

Step 7 - Settlement can be scheduled

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