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Your Credit Advisor

BTB Money (BTB) is owned by BTB Wealth Pty Ltd.
BTB is a dynamic and fresh organisation that delivers unique mortgage options in the Australian market place.

We aim to deliver mortgage strategies that allow customers to maximise their assets and allow them to convert their mortgage into a useful and an exciting investment tool.

It is paramount that your funder understands company, trust and other corporate borrowing structures and BTB has provided this service to many of its customers who are in or are looking to enter the business field and who do not want to be “put into a normal loan”.

"If what we are doing does not benefit the customer – why are we doing it?"

BTB are extremely efficient in arranging mortgages that fit outside normal lending policies which means:

We are able to say “YES” more often.

We look at the transaction at hand as part of a larger and more defined relationship, whereby we work with and support our customers as they endeavor to grow and look to do more with their hard earned assets.

BTB work with their customers, offer suggestions and alternatives and are able to refer customers to independent and licensed advisors for validation.

Company Directors
BTB Wealth Pty Ltd
Mr Pierre Lutgens
Managing Director

The group has a large team of professional and authorised credit representatives who are available 7 days a week for home or office visits if required.

BTB strongly recommends and has included its recommendations in its Credit Guide and Application Forms, that all prospective customers should seek their own independent, legal, accounting and financial planning advice, prior to taking out any loan, no matter who the Mortgage Manager or funder are.

For any compliments or complaints please email or contact us for further information on 1300 633 616

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